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I'm in a drama dry spell. It may not seem like it, since I am actively watching four shows right now (BBF, Superstar Express, Love or Bread, and My Queen), but believe me, it's a dry spell.

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So yes, basically the main point is; I will finish watching The Rose sometime this week. (I meant to start yesterday, but then I did the top twenty tw-guy thing, and stayed up until 4am. Yay 3 hours of sleep...)

Two additional things; I am way more tired than I have any right to be (I HATE working on weekends, weekends are when I catch up on my sleep. I average 3 1/2 to 4 hours a sleep a night on weekdays), and my workplace is ALWAYS so damn cold. I'm seriously getting a breeze here. It's SNOWING OUTSIDE. I DON"T NEED A BREEZE.

I have 6 Ikuta Toma icons, 5 Oguri Shun icons, 6 Jiro icons, 6 GD icons, and 8 Zai Zai icons.... Plus, at least one icon for each member of F4. Interesting.
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Yeah, I was supposed to go to sleep, but then started watching Tropic Thunder (btw hilarious), and then somehow segued into watching the Koizora movie. I didn't really watch it, mostly just skipped around, but from what I can see, I like it a ton better than the drama.

Mostly because I actually LIKE Hiro. Miura Haruma is about 10 times hotter than Seto Koji (it's weird though, Haruma looks to be the older one, but he totally isn't. He's only 18!! I feel pervy), and his hair is a ton better (and we all know that not only am I a hair person, I'm intrinsically drawn to blonde hair on guys).

Aragaki Yui is okay, and definitely pretty, but she has nothing on Mizusawa Elena, who I swear is one of the prettiest people EVER. I'll watch the rest of it sometime. I'll also finish the drama at some point too...

Oh, and the ending, I would have been sobbing if I had watched the movie from the start.

And OMG I actually found a version of Marmalade Boy that doesn't make me want to jam things in my ears to STOP THE PAIN! That excites me to death! Marmalade Boy = one of my favorite anime/mangas OF ALL TIME. Though it's probably not very faithful to the manga... Like, Kei-kun isn't there at all (Kei-kun = the (mangaboy) love of my life). Still, it's exciting, because it's Marmalade Boy! And Ken! I adore Ken!
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I mentioned how much I liked Boys Before Flowers... well I just read a recap of episode 2 (care of dramabeans), and it looks so awesome! The descriptions make me love Jun Pyo (Domyoji) sooo much. He's so stupid it's adorable!

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I do plan on writing my thoughts on HYD Final tonight, but see, the notes I take are fairly interesting. I had the same issue when I did the Love Contract summaries. Trying to decipher them is always fun.

Some examples (verbatim);
"Akira = awesome, guns, & things blowing up!"
"in nevada, big ass trucker"
"hotel guy is hot"
"Hotel owner K is takano?"
" 'Bang!' "
"OMG D in hotel room...."
"Rui is adorable & tall"
"auctioneer sucks!"

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Seriously, bitchy drama girls? Seriously?! Because Mika (middle girl) has got to one of the prettiest girls I've ever seen.

And what is with that girl on the far left... she looks possessed.

Seriously. She's beautiful. I want her bone structure.

I totally just said "seriously" three times in a row...
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Today, outside of my workplace, there are protestors. No shit. I work for a pharmecutical company, so it's not like it's unheard of, but it's still pretty funny. They have a gigantic blow up rat... I'm not sure what they're protesting, but if they're against animal testing, I might as well join them out there. I HATE working for a company that tests on animals (granted, we're probably one of the lesser offenders). Vivisection is one of, if not the things I hate most in the world. I hate it less when it's done for medical reasons, but I still hate it. Regardless, it's kinda funny to see them. I want to take pictures, and might if given the chance.

I started two new dramas last night. First off, Boys Before Flowers. It's actually not subbed yet, so I just watched a good portion of it just in Korean. It was... educational. The opening was interesting, with a dude getting harassed, and about to commit suicide by jumping off a roof (Kinda sterotypically Korean, huh? I've heard the Korean jumping off the roof thing from other Asian sources...), and then "Tsukushi" saving him. From what I can tell, I'm really going to like the Tsukushi character.

Dramabeans wrote a review that the guy who plays "Rui" was kinda just imitating Oguri Shun, which upon first glance, yeah, he really does look like he's acting like him. He has the same blond hair/hairstyle, the same voilin thing, and he's even wearing all white. I only saw one scene with him, but it was kinda jarring. And "Domyoji's" entrance really was pretty cool. His hair is also a lot better than either Jerry or Jun's were.

I also started watching a jdrama, Koizora, which I'm pretty sure [livejournal.com profile] sn0tcat told me about previously... I like it so far, but it's going to be sad. Luckily it's only 6 episodes, so the sadness won't be horrible prolonged. I don't actually find the main dude (Seto Koji) attractive at all, but I'm drawn to his blonde hair. What can I say... I'm easy. Mizusawa Elena, on the other hand, is one of the prettiest girls I've ever seen in my life (she's only 16!!!).


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