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I don't even know what to make of this. Seriously.

In case you couldn't tell (I COULDN'T), that's Jiro Wang on the right. I never thought I'd see a day where I wasn't attracted to him. That is possibly the worst haircut I've ever seen in my life. It does NOTHING for him. In fact, it makes his face look really puffy (It does look like he's gained weight in his face or something - kinda like fat!Ken... Ken wasn't really fat, but his face got all super puffy). Just... no. Please Jiro, get a haircut. For me. And here I thought Wilbur Pan's former hair was the worse I've seen... (Just kidding, Will's hair is FAR worse)

BTW, that's Danson Tang he's standing next to (at Danson's photobook signing). Conversely, Danson is looking fine.

Cpop Meme

Aug. 30th, 2010 11:06 pm
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Again, literally nothing to do at work (I'm a fast worker, sue me). Soooo... meme time!

This is actually a kpop meme, but I'm making it a cpop meme. Because recently, I've been feeling the cpop love more.

Cpop meme... with pictures! )
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Fahrenheit new MV is pretty awesome. Hilarious, yes. But still awesome.

The title of their new album is "太熱", which quite literally means 'too hot'. And while I do agree with that sentiment (the boys got RIPPED for this album - hilariously a little while back there was an article about how they all beefed up for it. Except Wu Zun, who was already beefy enough. Apparently he just got a tan), it's also pretty cheesy. The title song is their first single. The concept is a bit weird. Icebergs, mesh shirts, lots of black and red, random flames, Jiro wearing black nail polish... To be honest, I liked the concept for 越來越愛 a lot more. But really, I can't argue too hard against sweaty half naked boys.

I do quite like the song though, despite it's awkward chorus ("super hot, 多謝每個人都在煽風點火, way too hot", which I awkwardly/roughly translated to "super hot, many thanks everyone is on fire, way too hot"). Also, it's autotuned. But honestly, autotune doesn't bother me nearly as much as it seems to bother others. I KNOW Fahrenheit can sing, so the autotune is, to me, just a stylistic choice.

Random other comments about the MV;
- TOWEL DANCE?! 真的嗎, 飛輪海? 真的? 我不甚至知道. It's apparently supposed to make them seem manly. Again, I don't even know.
- During some parts of the video, Jiro's face is hilarious, and terribly amusing. Oh Jiro. I love you, you big, fragile, accident prone boy. 加油大東! 我愛妳!
- Wu Zun is THIRTY. He's going to be 31 in a few months. I appreciate his age (older idols make Meredith feel less skeevy), but I'm also angered by it. Damn him for looking like he's 10 years younger than he actually is. I want to look 10 years younger (okay, maybe not ten years... maybe five years).

This may very well be the last album Fahrenheit puts out as a group. Their contract with HIM is for for either four or five albums (this is their fourth album). So yeah. Kinda sad. The end of an era. It's like losing F4 all over again. Except I like Fahrenheit a lot more.

Anyway, the album does on sale in mid September. I am waiting quite anxiously for it. I wish I were in Taiwan right now. They're having a fan meeting thing, and I want to gooooo! I stupidly missed their concert last year when I was actually IN Taipei, so now I just feel sad. Maybe they'll come to the US, like S.H.E did! *hopes*

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- Fahrenheit is set to release a new album in August. This news is old (from JANUARY... how did I miss that?!), so I wonder if the date will be pushed back due to Wu Zun's drama with Rainie. Either way, I am greatly anticipating this album. I love Fahrenheit (second favorite Asian boyband), and I want to see the new stuff they come up with.

- Aaron Yan is also set to release a solo album towards the end of the year. This half makes me sad, since it's the beginning of the eventual breakup of Fahrenheit (they only have one more album in their contract). On the other hand, yay Aaron!

- Jolin is also going to release an album this August. I've seen her concept photos, and they look pretty awesome. I'm excited!

This August is going to be crazy with all the new releases. Fahrenheit (...maybe?), Jolin, and Big Bang (at least their new Japanese single - "Beautiful Hangover", but hopefully their Korean comeback as well)! Good thing I am currently employed, because goodbye monies.
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Ahahahahaha! OMG I love it. Makes me miss Taiwan a lot. I love that I've been to some of these places (I love Taiwan and all, but they should really make it easier for tourists... it's hard to go outside the major cities without speaking a lot of Mandarin).

Incidentally, my first picture from Taiwan = Fahrenheit advertising for Taiwan at the airport. Also a soda machine.

I miss Taiwan so much. I wish I could find a way to go back, and work there (without teaching English).
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(Yay for being awake at 2am, huh?)

Today (or yesterday, rather) after class we went to Ximending. Ximending is an area in Taipei that is likened to Tokyo's Harajuku district. This is apt. It is also the closest you'd get to Japantown here. Japanese pop culture influence is EVERYWHERE. There was even a maid cafe!

We basically just walked around for awhile. Our mission was to find the eslite bookstore, which was quite the feat, as apparently eslite owns several mall-type buildings in the area, so we kept ending up in those. And then when we finally DID find the eslite, they didn't have what I was looking for (MUSIC), or what Lisa was looking for (manga that wasn't in Chinese). We did, however, amuse ourselves by looking at the magazines. It's interesting, because all the magazines are plastic wrapped, which is, I guess, so people won't read the magazines while sitting in the bookstore. (But OMG there were some NICE magazines. Mike He is on the cover of Men's Uno, Joseph Chang is on another magazine, Wu Zun and his utterly flawless face were on yet another, and finally there was one with Cheryl Yang!!!)

We ended up at a Daiso, a store I know of from when I was all into bento-ing. In Japan they're 100 yen shops. In the US they're $1.50 shops. In Taiwan, they're NT$39 shops (~ $1.18 USD). There was much amusement to be had at these shops because the engrish is just amazing. I haven't seen a LOT of amusing engrish (or rather, chinglish) in general here. Japan seems to be the master at engrish, as I saw more in Daiso than I have in my entire time here so far.

We also visited a music store that DID have the Big Bang CD I was looking for. However it was weirdly wrapped in paper, and it was kinda sketchy, so I decided against buying it because seriously, wtf?! I'll just wait to buy it... (Seriously, though... Why does Taiwan hate Korea?! Again the only Korean music I could find was SuJu, SS501, the Boys Before Flowers OST, and a random Kim Jeong Hoon "John Hoon" album.) Also, interestingly, we found an alley of tattooists.

Walking around Ximending was amusing, mostly because I kept stopping to take pictures of ads. Because, hello, FAMOUS TAIWANESE PEOPLE ARE MY FAVORITE. (Speaking of! I keep seeing this ad in the subway of a guy hugging a golden retriever while advertising for mooncakes, and I swear to God it's Eric Tsang, but why the hell would he be advertising mooncakes while hugging a dog on a subway advertisement?!)

Ximending is one of the nicest neighborhoods in Taipei that I've seen so far.
More pictures, including highly amusing engrish, scary shop buildings, fun ads, and what Ming Dao does in his spare time )

Other awesome tidbits from Ximending!
- There's a restaurant there called "Cola Forest" that is American themed. They have a HUGE drink menu, and some interestingly named food, notably the "chicken naggets"... (NOW the chinglish is starting to rear it's head!)
- Apparently Show Luo is a spokesperson for EVERYTHING. I saw him in ads everywhere. I only really remember the Edwin Jeans ones though. I still prefer Brad Pitt though.
- Have I mentioned how awesome Taiwanese Haagen Dazs' are? The one in the 101 has these awesome ice cream mooncakes that I'm dying to try!
- We were apparently around an area that is famous for it's corn and peanut ice, but we didn't try it. Sometimes I wonder about the preoccupation they have with corn here.
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Drama / Asian pop culture news!

Ending spoilers for My Queen )

Big Bang Appointed Ambassadors for Ministry of Justice - Congrats to Big Bang!! I posted this because TOP always looks so confused in these group shots. Not digging Ji Yong's hair here... it would look SO HOT if he got rid of the headband. And I mean, I liked the headband when he was hanging out with w-inds... I guess my like for it is transient.

Arron Yan and Calvin Chen breakthrough, idol drama with both as male lead - A new romantice drama starring Calvin and Aaron?! Sign me up!

Also, Daniel Henney's new American tv show has been picked up for the upcoming season! It's not really my type of show (medical drama), but I will watch some of it for two simple reasons; DANIEL HENNEY IS HOT, and Julia Ormond is in it! I LOVE Julia Ormand a ton, and have since I first saw her in the 1995 remake of Sabrina. Both the 1995 version of Sabrina and Legends of the Fall (where Julia Ormond had the best role in the world... she got to be the romantic interest of; Henry Thomas, Brad Pitt (!!!), and Aidan Quinn) are in my top 10 favorite movies EVER.
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Recently I've had little time or energy for dramas. Lots and lots of work stress compounded with immense fatigue. So basically everything had fallen to the wayside (seriously, it's all I can do most days to not fall asleep immediately after I get home from work).

That's why I've been posting on music more recently, it's quicker! I'm still watching dramas though (albeit slowly)! I just finished episode 17 of My Queen (SO GOOD!), and I plan on watching episode 3 of Atashinchi no Danshi tonight (or at the very latest tomorrow). I'm also watching Nodame Cantabile actively, but much slower than normal.

Anyway, I've been asked a few times, so I decided to do a post with some of my mandopop recs (to be clear, I only listen to Mandarin music. I try not to listen to things in Cantonese, not because I feel it's inferior or anything, but because it confuses the hell out of me since I'm learning Mandarin).

Mandopop is, sadly, mostly ignored outside of Chinese cultures. It's not like Jpop, which is widely spread. It's not even like Kpop, which has recently gone international. I know when I first got into Taiwan, I had a hell of a time finding mandarin music. Over time it's gotten easier for me, but I figure a lot of people have the same problems, which is why it's underrepresented in the blogsphere (*snort* I said 'blogosphere'!).

Anyway, on to the recs!
Mandopop recs )

And yes, that is all I will do for right now, as I'm tired!
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So I mentioned how I got my last YesAsia shipment. Finally. 2 1/2 weeks after it shipped. 3 weeks after I placed the order. Why so sucky, YesAsia shipment?

This one contained my Hot Issue mini album, and Two Sided Fahrenheit.

Big Bang - Hot Issue )

Two Sided Fahrenheit )

Really tired suddenly. Makes sense, I HAVE been awake since 2:30am. I'm getting ready to make one of my last (for awhile) YesAsia orders. But not tonight. Tonight I have; shower, laundry, SLEEP.

I got to about half of my comments today. I'll to get to the rest tomorrow definitely.
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I took less pictures this time around, because I figured not everyone is as obsessed with seeing pictures of everything as I am.

I got these last week, but have been either sick, or too tired to do much about it until now.

In these two shipments I got the Big Bang Always Mini Album, and the Fahrenheit Final Collectible Edition.

Always Mini Album )

Fahrenheit Final Collectible CD )

I'm almost certain I'm going to preorder Jolin's new album... just, apparently, not yet.
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Yeah. It's weekly now.

What else I bought from YesAsia )

You know that when GD and TOP drop their solo albums (SOOOOON), I'm going to be ALL over that... And I've heard rumors, but is there going to be another Big Bang album this year? If so, it'll probably be a mini album, ne? Either way, I'd be totally excited.

ALSO, I might be going on a mini drama/blogging hiatus for a few days starting on the 24th/25th. Why? Because City of Glass, the last book in the Mortal Instruments trilogy is being released that day. And I will need to read it nonstop until it's finished. At which point I will become upset that there is no more to read. And then I will content myself with fanfic for a few days until the ennui wears off.

I've been a fan of Cassie's since I first read Draco Dormiens oh so many years ago (in the heyday of fabulous Harry Potter fanfic. Not that there isn't still a lot of good stuff, I just miss the old fics by Lori, AngieJ, Heidi, etc). I basically haven't stopped reading her stuff since 2001. I'm highly saddened that one of my favorite trilogies is coming to an end, but what can you do. At least I get to see if Jace and Clary are actually related (I'm betting not, but you never know).
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Fresh off my icon contest joy, I decided to post some icons I've had hanging around for awhile.

There's only 14 this time (I'm telling you, I'm REALLY slow). Mostly Taiwanese. Two Korean.

Icon Batch 1 Here

I think I've gotten better!


Icons! )

After viewing [livejournal.com profile] darkeyedwolf's Yoon Eun Hye picspam, I felt the incredibly urge to icon her. So I did, and now will share! I only made a few this time, but I have a ton more ideas. Also, since I was making pretty girl icons, I of course needed to make one of Qiao En!


More icons! )
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Several exciting things happened today!

First off, it's GORGEOUS outside. Winter may finally be going away! (Course it was beautiful like this last weekend, and then it snowed...)

Second, I won third place in an icon challenge!!

I was up against some REALLY stiff competition (and of course, I totally forgot to vote this round...), so I'm insanely happy!
(Btw, that Jiro icon; I used one of my original scans from the Love You More and More CD. In all honesty, that icon took me 2 hours to make (I'm SOOO slow!). I experimented with all sorts of layers, selective coloring, brushes and whatnot. I'm so happy it came out well!)

Third, thanks to [livejournal.com profile] isabonita, I am now aware that Jolin Tsai has a new CD coming out soon. Her first single sounds great, and the MV is amazing. I love Jolin so much, it's funny to think that awhile ago I didn't think so much of her. She's really talented, and really smart. Plus, she's gorgeous! If I didn't love her so much, I'd hate her.

Lastly, I got my newest Fahrenheit CD; Fahrenheit (Final Collectible Edition) (CD+DVD). It's awesome, and I love it to death. I have yet to watch the MVs, but I'm sure they'll be fantastic.

And finally, my picspam for the stuff I got from YesAsia yesterday. (I do this mostly for myself. Also, because when I buy stuff, I like to see EXACTLY what I'm getting. So if anyone was thinking of buying the same stuff, they'd be able to see everything)

Wish to See You Again OST )

Big Bang Remember Album )

So yay! Excitement!
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I woke up this morning (...actually this afternoon...) to an awesome unexpected surprise. My third shipment from YesAsia had come! This one contained The Big Bang Number 1 DVD (Japanese limited first press edition). Aka, the most expensive CD I've ever bought. Why are Japanese albums SO EXPENSIVE?! The package also contained my DVD version of Eternal Summer (the best movie EVER).

So I took pictures. LOTS of pictures. And since I hadn't taken pictures of the Big Bang The Great Concert DVD I got, I took some (read; a lot) pictures of that too. I'm SO happy with the quality of everything I've gotten. Nothing was damaged from the shipments (and they came from Hong Kong, so that's saying something). I still haven't gotten my posters yet, though...

Some of the pictures (mostly of the photos) came out kinda crappy. I didn't want to bend the books too much, so they're weirdly alligned, but whatever. Better than nothing! Also, I took these without flash, so they kinda came out yellowish.

WARNING: This post is VERY image heavy
Big Bang The Great Concert DVD )

Big Bang Number 1 CD+DVD (Japanese limited first press edition) )

Eternal Summer DVD (Taiwan version) )

I also figured out today (Don't know why I didn't figure it out earlier...) that I can play my Chinese drama DVDs in my DVD player (I thought they'd be a different format, but it occurred to last night that since they're being sold in the US, they're probably format 1. They are. Not like it matters a ton, they don't have english subs.

Oh, and here are the high quality scans of from the Fahrenheit Love You More and More DVD booklet. The scanner kinda screwed them up a bit, but they're still usable!

Keep in mind, these pictures are HUGE. All but one of them are over 2000 x 2000 pixels large (the last is about 2000 x 1000 pixels). These are just thumbnails.

Fahrenheit HQ pic thumbnails )

Feel free to take these if you'd like. I would appreciate it if you credited me for the scans if you use them to make icons / banners / etc though.
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I worry this is going to be a weekly thing...

My most recent purchases from YesAsia )

Sometimes I wish I was more into Japanese stuff. I do watch a lot of jdramas, but I'm kinda clueless about their pop culture. Taiwan is my boom. It's too bad, Japan has some nice merchandise. China/Taiwan falls short in that aspect.

And um, how did I miss Seung Ri on Perez Hilton!? I read Perez religiously! Granted, I wasn't into Big Bang at the time, but I remember all the other Kpop stuff he posted about (which is how I first came to know, and love Lee Hyori). Don't read the comments, btw (I NEVER do). They're stupid, and racist.

I got to stay at home today because of the marathon work session yesterday. I AM going into work on Sunday though. That's not terrible; I don't mind working on weekends, it's quiet. Plus, I'm going to see if I can get to Chinatown. I want to see if I can get some drama DVDs cheap (I once got Why Why Love, and They Kiss Again DVDs for like, $20). Boston's Chinatown is kinda creepy though. Whenever I go there, I get accosted by dudes (not Asian dudes though). Therefore I'm generally wary there.
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I'm bored at work, so naturally that means shopping.

I'm pretty sure I'm going to buy Fahrenheit's other two albums. There's two Taiwanese movies I want to buy. I also kinda want to get Zai Zai's "I'm Not F4" album as well. Plus all of Big Bang's albums (all 10 of them).

I also want to get lots of collectibles and merchandise, but I'm pretty sure I won't, because that might be taking it a BIT too far. Just a bit.

I saw a marionette keychain while browsing stuff. *shudder*
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Um, Fahrenheit, wtf are you wearing?!

In case you can't quite see; Wu Zun is wearing a shiny gold shirt with, what looks like black knit ARM WARMERS, and a rhinestoned tie. Jiro's in a large black faux fur jacket with shiny silver pants, and ONE black glove. Calvin's wearing some sort of black poncho with gold horses on it... And yes, that is a car hanging above them. (I read somewhere that they got massive insurance before filming this) Aaron is the only one dressed somewhat normally. I'm all for fashion risks, but why so much shiny Fahrenheit?

Oh!!! And anyone who love Jiro is going to love me for this (if they haven't seen it already)!

It's a good MV, and a great song, so I'd rec watching the whole thing. BUT the action begins at ~2:04, in-so-where Jiro is angsty, half naked, and WET.

I wonder if Wu Zun can actually play the drums...
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OMG I finally got the first of my YesAsia packages!!

Package 1 -> Fahrenheit's new (well, new in January) album, Love You More and More, which I reviewed here, on the day it came out (obsessed much, eh Meredith?).

So naturally, when I got it today, I kinda flipped out a bit, and took pictures of EVERYTHING.


Excuse the fangirling. Fahrenheit are my boyband (well, so are Big Bang... it's a tie), so I tend to flip out a little about them (I blame my insanity on the fact that I never got into American boybands when I was a teenager. I've been storing my fangirling up... plus, they're Taiwanese, and I'm already batshit crazy over anything Taiwanese).

My next package -> Big Bang's The Great concert DVD (with a photobook!!). Should be coming tomorrow.

God knows when I'm getting my posters, or my Big Bang CD/Eternal Summer DVD.
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Since my last post on current taiwanese tv got a good response, I figured I'd post a continuation. Out of all asian entertainment, I know the most about Taiwan. Taiwanese entertainment is my passion. Overall, people generally tend to prefer Korea or Japan, so I thought I'd give some love to my favoritest place in the whole world; Taiwan.

Upcoming Taiwanese Dramas )

I'm sure I missed a lot (including Momo love, Aaron Yan's upcoming drama), but whatever.

By the way, I totally did something similar to this in December. I've posted it below. (Notice the lack of fangirling on Boys Before Flowers? I thought it was going to suck)
Upcoming 2009 dramas! (Dated from 18Dec08 )
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I should just stay away from the asianfanatics news section. I always end up spending LOADS of time on there... some current news stories that interested me (Taiwanese and Korean);

Stories about Vanness Wu, Big Bang, Wu Zun, Jiro Wang, Lee Min Ho, hot boy lists, Chinese F4, Kim Bum, Superstar Express, Rainie, and Zai Zai )

Also, the cast of BBF must be cursed when it comes to car accidents. Bummie's gotten in two already, Kim Hyun Joong and Kim Joon each had one on the same day, Lee Min Ho was previously injured (badly) from a car accident, and just today Koo Sun Hye had a car accident! Thankfully in most cases, the injuries were non existent or minor (save for Min Ho's). But it makes me wonder, are car accidents in Korea THAT prevalent? I know Taiwan is notorious for car accidents (that's why a lot of times deaths in dramas are due to car accidents), but I didn't know Korea was as well. And really, shouldn't they be hiring better drivers to escort these major stars?


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