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I've been watching Mischievous Kiss (admittedly slowly - I'm waiting for the Haru2Haru subs, instead of streaming), and I quite like it. That didn't come as a surprise to me in the least. I love Hyun Joong a ton, the girl strongly reminds me of Yoon Eun Hye (which is always a good thing), and I'm also quite fond of the storyline.

I mean, technically it was ISWAK that brought me to Taiwan. ISWAK was my first Taiwanese drama, and after getting past my initial shock at the production quality versus Japanese dramas, I was utterly hooked. A lot of my early views of Taiwan and the Taiwanese people came from what I saw in ISWAK. I have strong attachments to that drama.

Anyway, yesterday, after watching MK episodes 4-9 raw, I decided to rewatch ISWAK. As it turns out, Mischievous Kiss is following the same plotline extremely closely. They've cut out some things, of course (like Xiang Qin's night blindness. I liked that plotpoint, but I suppose unless they plan on adapting the whole manga, it won't make much difference in the end), but on the whole it's pretty damn close.

Which makes me question why people who didn't like the Taiwanese version at all are liking the Korean version so much. They're SO close. Ha Ni is a bit less dumb that Xiang Qin was, Seung Jo is a bit less mean than Zhi Shu, and Joon Gu a bit less stalkery than Ah Jin. Otherwise, the characters are basically the same. The plotline is cut down a bit in the Korean version (admittedly making for less embarrassment for Ha Ni, and less time spent on her character devoting her life entirely to Seung Jo), but otherwise they're the same. There are tone differences, naturally, but is that really the reason people seem to like the Korean one and hate the Taiwanese one? The old standby excuse of not liking Xiang Qin's character doesn't seem to apply to me here, because the characters (to me at least) are pretty identical. I don't get it. But then, I very rarely do.

Does Seung Jo's little brother remind anyone else of Kim Bum? Just me? Okay.

That aside, I random!capped.


BEST. MOMENT. IN. A. DRAMA. EVER. (As an aside, I loved watching this, because I could understand some. I stopped the show many times to read the Chinese subs too. 對, 對啊 indeed. Taiwanese dramas make a lot more sense sometimes when you can make sense of what they're saying. Translations just don't cut it sometimes.)
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Guess who finally, after trying since AUGUST 19TH, has finally managed to get her hands on a physical copy of Big Bang's Japanese album (aptly titled "Big Bang")...

It's the Taiwanese version, which as far as I can tell is exactly the same as the original Japanese edition, expect: it was made in Taiwan, and has a booklet of the lyrics translated into Chinese. It was also $25 less. Score for me. The DVD behind the scenes stuff is awesome!

Other news... Well, culture classes are scary, because they're taught totally in Mandarin, and I'm like "uhhhhhhhh, 什麼?"

Yesterday was Moon Festival day, so we had a big meal, mooncakes (which depending on type varied between REALLY good, and kinda weird), and moon watching. Afterwards, right as I was attempting to go to sleep, we had a earthquake. Well, technically Hualien had an earthquake. And, um, Hualien is pretty far from Taipei. But the earthquake was pretty strong (6.3 magnitude), so we felt it. It was kinda scary, but also pretty awesome. It was my first earthquake. Well technically I've been in another earthquake when I lived in Virginia, but I didn't feel it, because I was in an elevator.

We're also preparing for Typhoon Parma. It might hit Taiwan, but it might not. Crapshoot, really. They're evacuating some parts of the south already. BUT the typhoon weather means it's FINALLY cooler. It feels lovely, finally.

Otherwise, I'm doing random NON-DRAMA related things. I've been watching a lot of Western TV. That, and thanks to [livejournal.com profile] darkeyedwolf, I've been reading The Vampire Diaries, which is SO MUCH like a badfic it's hard to imagine it got published. So bad it's good. I've also been enjoying Korean Horror movies...

Western TV and Korean Horror Movies )

Oh random! Today at the Taiwanese Daiso/eslite building they were playing a LOT of ABBA. And then we were walking around Ximen, and suddenly I heard GD's song "Hello". I proceeded to freak out, and stay in that store until they finished playing GD (they played the whole album).

And has anyone else heard Joe Cheng's new album? I caught one of the singles on MTV the other day, and was impressed. I'm probably going to buy his album sometime (there are two versions! One comes with a book, and one comes with a DVD!)
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I've been meaning to write this entry for awhile, actually. Awhile back I stumbled on a bunch of Chinese celebrity baby/childhood pictures. It was AWESOME. I love baby pictures.

Anyway, they're all Taiwanese (save 2), and all adorable!

The Girls! (Jolin a geek?! Rainie with a mushroom haircut?!) )

The Guys! (Including possibly the worst picture of Will Pan EVAR, and Wu Zun looking like a chick) )

And because it wouldn't be fun without it...
My own baby picture! )

All of the pictures (save mine, of course) are from Cfensi
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Fresh off my icon contest joy, I decided to post some icons I've had hanging around for awhile.

There's only 14 this time (I'm telling you, I'm REALLY slow). Mostly Taiwanese. Two Korean.

Icon Batch 1 Here

I think I've gotten better!


Icons! )

After viewing [livejournal.com profile] darkeyedwolf's Yoon Eun Hye picspam, I felt the incredibly urge to icon her. So I did, and now will share! I only made a few this time, but I have a ton more ideas. Also, since I was making pretty girl icons, I of course needed to make one of Qiao En!


More icons! )
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I watched Antique last night. You were right, [livejournal.com profile] darkeyedwolf. It really IS about gay and cake! (I'm not doing a full review, check out the GREAT pimp post on [livejournal.com profile] rainscene instead!)

It was... interesting. In a GOOD way. Though honestly, I prefered the second half a ton more than the first half.

Like I've said before, I'm a lot harsher on movies than on dramas. So if this were a drama, I've love it (speaking of, I totally have to watch the jdrama now, because TAKANO IS THE GAY PASTRY CHEF). As it is, I liked it quite a bit, but didn't love it ala Eternal Summer.

The thing is, it was hilarious. I was seriously laughing out loud for a good portion of it. And the later part was poignant and dramatic. Plus, it was gay. VERY gay. Which was quite nice.

BUT I wasn't shipping at all. I'm glad Jin Hyuk didn't end up gay. I liked the friendship between him and Sun Woo a lot better than I would have liked a relationship.

And Choi Ji Ho reminded me a TON of Lee Un for some reason, and that made me sad...

Kim Jae Wook isn't really my type, but holy shit, Jo Ji Hoon totally is. I found him attractive in Goong, but I was more impressed with Kim Jeong Hoon. But he's perfect in this movie. Longer hair + stubble = total hotness.

And yes, I took a TON of gratitous caps.


Also, I forgot to post this picture awhile back. I was watching The Rose, and saw this;
What did I see? CLICK MEEE )
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So I'm watching the show, and this happens;

My first reaction, naturally, was "OMG No! Joe! Are you alright?!"

My second was "OF COURSE he gets hit by a car!"... People are ALWAYS getting hit by cars in twdramas. ALWAYS. Come to think of it, I totally need to add that to my twdrama cliche list!

Twdrama cliches! UPDATED )

And he's bleeding profusely from his head (though belatedly... Obvs the blood packet didn't open correctly)! And I am GREATLY reminded of the Xiao Bai scene in Love Contract. Oh Xiao Bai.... what a horrible horrible thing.

AH!! And the doctor who treats him is TOTALLY Zhang Yong Zheng, who played Joe's father in ISWAK!!

There's a rain scene, but it's ONLY raining on the characters. Seriously, it's SO obvious. On the sidewalk, you can SEE where the wetness begins. And you can so tell they're spraying from a hose. Great production quality twdrama! I still love you.
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I'm watching this uber dramatic scene in The Rose, but I'm giggling like mad, because KUI! How can he be SO AWESOME?!
(I keep talking to him through the screen too, like a freaking psycho. I'm like "Joe! Go get her! Get her Joe!! NOW! She's right outside!", or "Oh no! Joe! You're not a bad guy!") Dude! Some guy just offered Kui a shitty ass apartment for NT$18,000 a month!!!! Even I know that's a horribly horrible price. HORRIBLE. Which resulted in me yelling at the screen "Don't do it Kui! He's cheating you!"

And wow. I'm not such a huge fan of Jin, but Ah Wei just did this amazing angsty sliding down the wall thing that was totally hot.

Angsty wall slides...

Gay incestuous makeouts...

Joe Cheng's glorious hair...

What more could you want?!

ALSO! Still not getting email notifications for comments on LJ. It's fucking pissing me off. So, sorry in advance if I don't respond to stuff, because it's likely I haven't seen it.
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I'm watching episode 12 of The Rose, and dear God I forgot just how AWESOME this drama is.

Still intensely in love with Kui. Bai He x Kui ftw! And ELLLLAAA!!! God do I love that girl.

Random screenshots, because OMG so awesome!

(BTW, in this cap, the subs are saying that Kui is saying to Bai He; "I'll definitely protect your virginity".... yeah.)

If I wasn't already a Wu Zun/Ella and Ariel/Joe shipper, I'd totally jump on the Ella/Joe ship immediately. They're SO CUTE together.
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I should just stay away from the asianfanatics news section. I always end up spending LOADS of time on there... some current news stories that interested me (Taiwanese and Korean);

Stories about Vanness Wu, Big Bang, Wu Zun, Jiro Wang, Lee Min Ho, hot boy lists, Chinese F4, Kim Bum, Superstar Express, Rainie, and Zai Zai )

Also, the cast of BBF must be cursed when it comes to car accidents. Bummie's gotten in two already, Kim Hyun Joong and Kim Joon each had one on the same day, Lee Min Ho was previously injured (badly) from a car accident, and just today Koo Sun Hye had a car accident! Thankfully in most cases, the injuries were non existent or minor (save for Min Ho's). But it makes me wonder, are car accidents in Korea THAT prevalent? I know Taiwan is notorious for car accidents (that's why a lot of times deaths in dramas are due to car accidents), but I didn't know Korea was as well. And really, shouldn't they be hiring better drivers to escort these major stars?
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A few news points;

Cannot lose to Ethan Ruan; Joe Cheng & Ariel Lin have another bed scene
This story is amusing to me only because it contains the phrase "there is no passionate skin contact whatsoever"...

5566 to Dissolve, New Faces to Take Over
NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOS!!!! I can only hope this is a rumor, but if it isn't... well I suppose they had a good run. Still... meh. Also, wtf?! "Sam Wang might be shifting his career into the bread making business to fulfill his dream"

Not going to link the whole article, but hello, best quote ever; "He is a veteran at bed scenes, and resulted in gaining the title of ‘asthma sex stick’." (BTW, they're talking about Ethan Ruan)

Arron Yan acts "handsome", kisses for 5 hours, becomes an adult in Fahrenheit’s MV
First of all, SQUEE! Aaron!! He's so cute! Second, wtf is it with female fans?! First Alan Luo, now Aaron?! Are they really THAT upset by them kissing other people while acting? Seriously people. So yay! New MV (though it's not one of my favorite songs)! But exactly why are they standing under a dangling car?

Fahrenheit promotes new album, Arron agrees to parade around Hong Kong
Poor Aaron! They're always picking on him! "The three of them forced Aaron Yan to wear swim trunks to swim in Victoria Harbour for celebration if the album sales in Hong Kong broke 50,000 copies; Aaron Yan asked them why and the three of them feel that since he is the youngest, he has to satisfy the younger fans. Aaron Yan could only agree to it unwillingly." Aw, Aaron! Ever since I saw the video of him doing that ridiculous cat dance, I've just wanted to squeeze him! It's kinda weird, because it's not like he's a kid... he's only 2/3 years younger than I am (there seem to be conflicting reports on what his birthyear actually is...)

*snort* "When Wu Zun was asked if he would imitate Aaron Kwok who showed his chest muscles at the concert if the album sales are good, he said, 'Nope! I don’t have a figure as good as him, and also not a status like him, wait until we have it then will show it!' " .... Oh Wu Zun... how I wish you would change your mind...
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It's good to see that the Edison Chen scandal didn't totally ruin Cecilia Cheung's life!
Deborah Lai confirmed Cecilia's second baby; Patrick Tse wants twins

*Dies!!* My dream of cross agency co-operation is coming true!! Mike, Joe, AND Qiao En in a commercial! So excited to see it when it comes out on youtube! (Article also totally mentions Mike's birthday! I meant to do a picspam celebration (mostly as a present for me...), but didn't get around to it.)
Mike He and Joe Cheng both appear like strangers

I'm now EVEN MORE excited for Starlit. Previously, the print ad was enough to make me want to see it, but these trailers make it so much better!! Jerry Yan + piano + tragic car accident involving broken hands + Terri Kwan without the ridiculous extensions they made her wear in WtSYA + angst = DRAMA GOLD.
4 New Trailers for Jerry Yan's "Starlit"; "Starlit" OST

I like the title of this story (it totally make Qiao En sound like a prostitute!) Plus, I ♥ Qiao En! She has a western boyfriend! How adorable! I'm still MingEn all the way though...(I know I'm being redundant in my news, but I thought this one was interesting because I never knew that Mike and Joe had issues with their friendship.... ohhh now I see why. (Hehehehe! Brokeback relationship! Even if Joe was in love with Mike, which I very much doubt he is, it'd be adorable! Joe is rather androgynous, and Mike is so pretty. So it works out...)
Chen Qiao En wanders between two men, passionately hugs Joe Zheng to earn money, rushes towards foreigner boyfriend

Um, crazy fans much?! Poor Alan! Apparently he can never get any action from his female costars, or else his fans will rebel and freak out... I know it's Asia, and things are different there, but COME ON?! It's ACTING.
Show Luo french Kisses with Alice Ceng, Wife fans accuse him of having an affair.

Stupid Taiwanese press, trying to make Ella look bad! I'm sure S.H.E can easily win awards with or without the presence of Twins.
S.H.E rely on Twins' absence to win awards? Ella gets angry

Qiao En and Ming Dao are doing a new drama!? MEEEEHHH! How did I not know about this?! Maybe it's just a rumor though, since I can't find any evidence... (Also, MingEn loves!!)
Chen Qiao En has Ming Dao; almost forgets about boyfriend

Awww the cuteness! I know Wu Zun is Ella's rumored boyfriend, but I had no idea Jay Chou and Alan Luo were rumored to be Selina and Hebe's boyfriends...
S.H.E holds Christmas party; fans imitate their rumoured boyfriends

Awesome Joe Cheng quote;
"Cosmo: So to you, what you like to do most for the environmental issues?
Joe: People around the world will wear nothing and will only eat vegetables! (Laughed)"
Joe Cheng’s sincere Q&A session

Oh wu Zun! You kill me your your adorableness! Wearing skirts, and joking around with Alan Luo (... about wearing skirts)! Adorable! It's kinda too bad that Taiwan doesn't have the crazy obsession with cross dressing that Japan does....
Wu Zun wears short skirt; invites Show Luo to compare femininity

I adore Ariel and Joe so much (I'm definitely an Arjoe fan), and they're so cute in this article. They also randomly talk about the US. And how Joe wants Christmas wishes from the leader of Mars....
Ariel Lin and Joe Cheng's Merry Christmas

Yay Extravagant Challenge!! And they're just WANTING us to suffer now, with the teasing that the second male lead is ALMOST confirmed! I'm dying to see who will play Shou!
Jerry Yan's new drama 'Extravagant Challenge' ; Director Niu says filming will begin soon

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Um, apparently I'm the only person in the world who doesn't really like Corgis. I mean, it's not like I hate them or anything, but I'd never choose to have one on purpose. I don't think they're all that cute. Chihuahuas, on the other hand, well, those are the cutest most best dog in the whole entire world.

And now onto the important stuff...

I watched the most recently subbed episode of Skip Beat!, and sooo cute, Kyoko dressed up like a giant chicken! It was very "Fated to Love You" of her... or rather, since Skip Beat was published prior to the filming of Fated to Love You, the scene in FtLY was reminiscent of Skip Beat... I think I read something sometime about controversy about how FtLY "stole" the chicken thing from Skip Beat... Regardless, chicken costumes make everything better.

Am watching Love or Bread right now... so far it's adorable!

Love or Bread )

I can tell I'm really going to like this drama (... don't I say that about all dramas?). So far it's rather silly and slapstick-ey (which, while I appreciate and enjoy, is not my ideal drama format), but I can tell from the credits/previews it will be getting more serious. Ariel and Joe have such great chemistry, so I'm sure the romantic part will be good. Plus, Bryant Chang is in it, and I adored him in Love Contract.
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At this point in my watchage of The Rose, I'm starting to get kinda depressed. I'm utterly in love with Kui, and he's going through this whole journey of self discovery, and stuff, and it just does not end up well for him. As much as I like Jin, I just don't like him as much as Kui, who is an awesomely dynamic character. Jin is kinda emotionless and wooden... (Kinda like the difference between Sano and Quan (Hana Kimi vs Hua Yang Shao Nian Shao Nu)).

I thought Xiao Zong was intensely attractive in ISWAK, but then I had my Mike He phase, and was like "meh" towards Joe... now I'm back to thinking he's extremely hot... but honestly, I think a large part of it is his hair. I have this thing with long hair on guys... Jerry is extremely atractive too. His face is beautiful. Oh! Funniness -> in The Rose, they kinda insinuate that the reason that the family is so attractive is because they're all part white... I mean, really? Personally, as a white person, I tend to envy Asians... I love their skin color, and their hair. I guess we all want what we don't have.

I kinda hate it when I end up shipping non canon pairings, because I get all heartbroken... *cough*Bull Fighting*cough*...

I'm alternating between Gokusen, The Rose, and Gokusen fanfic (more than anything, I'm addicted to fanfic. It's my crack). But I've also recently wanted to rewatch Coffee Prince. I never did post my epic Coffee Prince post... I should do that at some point... and finish the ep summaries for Love Contract...

EDITS! - I forgot to mention... today I bought this wallet/purse thing (in green). And I wish I could say I spent only £40 for it... but I didn't. It was kinda a birthday present for myself. But jeez, is it pretty! AND it's big enough to hold all my stuff. I have wallet overload. My last one broke today.... the clasp snapped off because it was too full! So yay for big wallets!
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The Rose is wrecking me. I'm not heartbroken yet, but I will be, oh yes, I will be. I love Kui so much, I know I'm going to be upset later in the story.

I'm actually fairly impressed with Selina. She's doing a good job, playing two totally different characters. As Qin she's so sweet, lovely, and perfect that it's impossible to hate her. As Ya Man she's annoying, deceitful, and eventually pathetic. I like seeing range in actors, and she seems to have it (at least in this show).

I'm also heavily HEAVILY impressed with Xiao Zong. His character is really varied, dynamic, and grows up throughout the show. He's portraying it so well. It's funny, because the character of Kui is soooo different than the Zhi Shu character, it's odd to think they're played by the same person. I've been a fan of Joe's since I saw him in ISWAK, but I just became a bigger fan. I want to watch Summer X Summer, or Honey and Clover now!

And I'm definitely a fan of Ella's now! I thought she was adorable in Hua Yang Shao Nian Shao Nu, and was actually a pretty damn decent actress (doesn't always happen with singers turned actors *cough*Mariah*cough*). Her performance in The Rose further adds to my admiration of her. Like Yoon Eun Hye, she's an actress concerned little with vanity. She doesn't care if she looks bad, instead focuses on what the character should be feeling. It's refreshing, and admirable. It's hard NOT to be vain when you're performing for tons of people. Regardless, I think she's adorable, and I really like her. Plus, her voice is soooooo amazing! I have to start listening to more S.H.E. (and Fahrenheit... I'm not on the ball in that sense).

I found volumes 10 to 14 of Love Com translated into english! Yays! Now I don't have to wait to find out what happens! Though I'm still not up to when the anime ends...
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*dies* I love Kui so much!
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The Rose is like a screwy Marmalade Boy. It's sooooo good! I love it to death. And I'm totally and irrevocably falling in love with Xiao Zong again. He's so insanely awesome in this drama. His character is so different from Zhi Shu in ISWAK, I can really see just how good of an actor he is!

In The Rose, Kui is totally my favorite character. He's so childish, and funny, and heartbreaking... You know how I fell in love with Lee Wei in Bull Fighting (aka, the guy who DOESN'T get the girl, but should because he's totally awesome, and MUCH better than the other guy)... yeah, that's going to happen to me in this drama too.... except far more angsty.

I have to say, right now, The Rose is probably one of my favorite dramas ever (And I'm only up to episode 7). Sometimes it doesn't make sense, and it's relatively convoluted, but it's perfect for me.

BTW, Ah Wei totally eats flowers (roses in particular). Seriously, he just takes a handful of petals and downs them. I've eaten flowers before (mostly in food art, though there was an incident with my eating roses... long (boring) story), but it's not like they're tasty and I want to eat them again... unless they're candied, I really see no point. (Granted, I like flower FLAVORED things... *sigh* this is getting off topic)

Tired now! Am going to go to bed, and read some Love Com prior to sleeping. Also, I'm totally wanting to watch ISWAK again... I watched a bit last night. In the last episode they parody a couple things Joe's been in; Ah Sun's MV for Ye Zi, and one of the scenes from The Rose (a scene I have yet to see!). Back before I was into the twdrama/twmusic scene, I was all confused. However, I did know The Rose. Incidentally The Rose was the third twdrama I'd ever heard about. Thanks ISWAK!

I just found out I don't have a tag for ISWAK... how is that possible?! It's my first, most beloved drama! Maybe I was writing about it before I started my tags. Crap. Now I'm going to have to go back to July to find posts to tag. I'm anal about being organized.
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You know how I said once (or several times, actually) that Vanness had like the best hair ever in Meteor Garden (seriously, it was beautiful!)? Well, I rescind my opinion. As of right now, I declare that Xiao Zong in The Rose has the best hair EVER. Like, I want his hair soooo badly! It's so pretty and long and wavy!

Speaking of, as much as I love Ah Wei, I know I'm going to fall for Joe's character. I've watched the fanvids, I know I'm going to love him. I already adore the drama so much! But honestly, they keep calling Ella fat and ugly! Maybe they should have thought about the character before they cast such an adorably pretty actress! I mean, they cut her hair so she looks kinda weird and like, stuck in the 60's, but other than that she's adorable! I don't get how ANYONE could call her fat or ugly.

Le Sigh, am exhausted.

Oh! Speaking of Xiao Zong... I just about died watching this video, where Joe prank calls Mike He! So cute!! I love how they're good friends in real life! And hey, even Ethan was there! (Obviously from the Summer X Summer promo tour)
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Quick thing; I started watching The Rose, and I just don't see how Ella is supposed to be ugly and fat in it! She's so adorable! Her character's boyfriend dumped her because she wasn't pretty enough! What a jerk.... but seriously?! Ella was apparently voted Taiwan's Number One Beauty (according to wiki!), so it's not like she's ugly AT ALL.

OMG I love The Rose soooooooooo much! I don't know why exactly, but I like the older twdramas better than the newer ones. The Rose is from 2003, and believe me, the 5 years between then and now makes a HUGE different in twdramas.

Ella is totally adorable (as always), and her character is sweet and kinda pathetic (not in that she's pathetic, rather her situation is pathetic). Joelle Lu is insanely pretty, cold, and kinda mean. Jerry Huang is awesome, and totally wears blue contacts (I LOVE Jerry Huang, mostly because he's so freaking tall, he like, towers above everyone else). Xiao Zong is so cute and young in this! And his hair is all long!

So yeah, am loving it tremendously! Plus, Selina and Hebe are going to be in it too! I've seen Hebe in Bull Fighting, but I haven't seen Selina in anything yet.

*sigh* Too bad it's taking so long to download! I wish I could watch the second episode now! I just love the excitement a new drama brings!
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There is going to be a taiwanese drama based on Skip Beat!!!!!! *dies again*!!

Not only that, but Ariel Lin (who is one of my favorite taiwanese actresses EVER) is going to play Kyoko, and Jerry Yan (JERRY YAN!!!) is going to play Ren!!

I'm sooooo happy about the casting, particularly of Ariel. I think she is absolutely PERFECT for the role. As seen in ISWAK, she can totally play the dramatic mixed with the hilarious. Jerry Yan is a BIG surprise, actually. He doesn't do dramas that often, so I'm all excited he's going to be in this one!

I wonder who is going to play Sho... The drama was only announced on the 17th, so I'm guessing they haven't fully cast it yet. Still! I was reading how someone thought that Megan Lai should play Kanae. I actually think that would work really well! Mike would be awesome (AWESOME) in the Sho role, but he and Ariel don't work together, so it's a pipe dream. OR! Zai Zai!! That would be freaking awesome!! AWESOME. But it won't happen.

So originally I guess Joe Cheng was going to be in the drama... but I guess he quit. I'm actually kinda glad. He and Ariel do a lot of things together (they're cute together, but I like to see to see some variety).

Yeah, I'm flipping out a little bit. It's just very serendipitous, really. I started reading the manga a week or so ago, and started watching the anime a few days ago.

So exciting!!

And randomly, I wonder when Boys Before Flowers (korean Hana Yori Dango) is going to air. It's supposed to start sometime in December... well, guess what... December is tomorrow. I'm really looking forward to it. I'm probably going to watch it as it airs (or rather, as it's subbed... I can't understand a whit of korean), because it's exciting!

I'm also downloading the live action movie of Love Com. Noone is seeding though, which sucks balls. It's only at like, 12.7%
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It kinda saddens me when people that I adore on shows don't get along in real life. They're really shattering the image there.

Case in point; Mike He and Ariel Lin. They're my two favorite Taiwanese actors, and they are GREAT in Love Contract, but I guess they don't really get along (well, the word is out on that... either they're completely in love, or hate each other... noone knows, apparently).

I love Ariel Lin. She's so cute, and a FABULOUS actress. After seeing her in ISWAK, I had one image of her, but then I watched Love Contract, and got a totally different one. She's versatile! Same with Mike... he was so different in Love Contract than he was in Devil Beside You!

I'm probably making NO SENSE to anyone, since noone else I know watched Taiwanese dramas... oh well. You should. Damn it.

I'm still on the Ariel/Joe bandwagon though, because it's sooooo obvious that Joe loves Ariel. And yes, I am engaging in one of the favorite pastimes of the Taiwanese (from my limited experience).... shipping real people!


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