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I decided to follow the rest of my peeps, and do my top 12 drama boyfriend list.

In response to [livejournal.com profile] cranberrysheep's Drama Boyfriend Playoffs, I listed my top 12 (well, technically it was 13, but who's counting) ideal drama boyfriends. And then [livejournal.com profile] ambergold and [livejournal.com profile] princess_dexter made more detailed posts, and well, I decided to as well!

And because I wanted pictures (and since a lot of my choices are from dramas I watched ages ago, when I didn't know how to screencap) I didn't have any ready to use caps, so I spent awhile going through my big ol' folder of drama discs. But this also meant I spent awhile rewatching my favorite parts of various dramas. But I'll get to that later.

Amusingly about half are from twdramas. Apparently I still love me some Taiwanese men after all ;P. Oddly, a lot of my choices are from unpopular dramas as well. And I totally have actor repeat offenders (three of them, actually!)

Anyway, list! (Note, the frst 5 aren't really in any concrete order. I love them all too much to choose between them)
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So, the second part of my favorites list, my top 5 twdramas. I only did 5 twdramas, because while I have started a huge amount of twdramas, I've only finished about half of them.

Twdramas tend to be my favorite on a whole, but their length makes it hard for me to watch them. Like, Fated to Love You was freaking THIRTY SIX HOURS LONG. 36!!!

But that's another issue entirely.

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For three days and eight episodes I have contained my intense, insane, amazingly love for this drama, but I cannot hold it anymore. I wanted to watch all of the released episodes before I commented. And I JUST finished them.

I am utterly in love with My Queen / Defeated Queen. I haven't been this excited about a drama in a long time. It's amazingly sweet, smart, funny, sexy, and just perfect. It's an adult drama. This one isn't catering to the teenagers.

Plus, it features probably the GREATEST HEROINE KNOWN TO DRAMA-KIND. Shan Wu Shuang (played by Cheryl Yang) is a goddess. She's amazing. She's tough, professional, dedicated, beautiful, rich, fearless, arrogant, and proud. At the same time she's delicate, sensitive, and self conscious. She's perfect. She's who I want to be when I grow up.

That's another important point. Wu Shuang is (almost) 33. Everyone treats her as an old hag. She's defiant, but obviously it gets to her. That's the major point between her and Lucas. Ethan plays Lucas, the love interest. He's 25. 8 years younger. Naturally she kinda flips out about being attracted to him. Lucas is great, he's the kind-hearted, too good to be true hero with the dark past. He's not an ass at all, he's understanding, gentle, thoughtful, and sweet.

The chemistry between Ethan and Cheryl is AMAZING. The OTP is to die for. They argue, they have meaningful talks, they smolder, they STARE at each other longingly. It's really good. Did I mention how amazingly hot Ethan is in this?

The other actors are great too. Another REALLY fun point; About 80% of the side characters are from Fated to Love You or Prince Turns to Frog. Which makes me think it's a J-star drama... I'm surprised they didn't make Qiao En star in it. She's only two years younger than Cheryl...

Another thing the drama has going for it; a GREAT OST. Fish Leong sings most of the songs, and her voice is intensely ethereal.

I first heard of this drama when I read that article on AF about current twdramas. It looked interesting, so I then researched it a bit. I was immediately interest because it was Ethan. And the age different hooked me. I started downloading it, but didn't watch it until I read what [livejournal.com profile] seven_trees thought of it. I watched the first episode, and knew immediately that it was going to be my new crack.

Rather random picspam )

So yes. THIS is my new drama, and I love it dearly. The next episode comes out this Sunday. I think it plays at the same time as Superstar Express. Thus SE being a ratings failure makes sense to me. In my opinion, My Queen is far better than SE (not that SE isn't amazing as well, just not as good, IMO of course). It's been at the top of the Taiwanese ratings charts for it's entire run. It's no real surprise, actually. It's really a great drama. Can't WAIT for Sunday!

And, for the record, I've already witnessed quite a bit of twdrama cliches. It has 6 so far, a respectable number;
Drinking/getting drunk (almost always the female lead)
The setting is Taipei
Girls passing out all the time
Token shot of the 101
(This one earned bonus points. The first token shot was at night. The second token shot was the new years fireworks at the 101!)
The same scene being filmed from about 5 different angles
(This is the most prevalent. Not as bad at YY3+1, but still highly present)
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Awwww! I finished Prince Turns to Frog! It was sooo cute! No wonder it was so popular (2nd highest rated Twdrama EVER!!!)

Now, Bull Fighting. Hopefully the subs get finished fairly soon, else we'll have a situation like Wish to See You Again, or They Kiss Again. I'm also downloading Hachimitsu to Clover, so now I won't have an excuse to watch more twdramas. Plus, Ikuta Toma-kun!! Squee! Ever since Hana Kimi, I've adored him! I love Jiro Wang, but Toma-kun makes the best Nakatsu ever. EVERRRRR!

Randomly speaking of Hana Kimi, I should totally get on watching the taiwanese Hana Kimi. I liked the tw-version of HYD (well, I liked Meteor Garden 1... still angry at MG 2)! I wonder if I'd like Itazura na Kiss...

Started Goong. Korean sounds like a mish mash of japanese and chinese. It's messing with my head, man. Must. No. Let. It. Ruin. My. Mandarin. Learning!! It does have a nice sounds to it though. I like Mandarin better, but it isn't as pretty.

Meh! Now with the Korean messing with me, all I want to watch is stuff in Mandarin! I LOVE Mandarin! I WILL become fluent! I LOVE Taiwan! I LOVE hot Taiwanese boys! I must repeat this to myself periodically. Granted, the Korean boys are pretty hot too. But they're probably younger than me. I hate that. They're not younger than me... Damn... now I'll like them even more.

你好 - nǐ hǎo -> hello

I'm rewatching bits of Meteor Garden... I forgot just how much I like Jerry Yan! He's so cute! His teeth are REALLY nice.

And episodes 17 and 18! Way to kill me with the romance!

And I'm rambling again. Alas.
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I just watched the end of the second to last episode of Prince Turns to Frog on my ipod during my break... and the final scene was bizzarely and shockingly non violent.

Well, I'll explain better. It was violent... but in a weird non violent way.

That still didn't make sense...

So there was this huge confrontation between the good guys, and a bad guy who had connections to an american/vietnamese mob boss. And at the end, they escaped, and everyone is happy, but then, randomly, some guys drive up on motorcycles, and, with a SLINGSHOT, volley a walnut sized stone at Tian Yu's head. It totally smashed into her temple, and it was all bloody, and she collapsed.

So while it was violent, it was violent in a really odd way. Who the hell uses slingshots?! If it weren't so tragic (because she got hit with a big rock traveling at a pretty high velocity), it'd be comedic.

It oddly reminds me of the end of Love Contract. Oh Xiao Bai! That was so gross and bloody and sad.

In non drama related news, I'm SICK of my dyed hair. It's been like, over a month! Why hasn't the dye gone away yet! Mehhh. It's lightened up, so now it looks basically like my normal color, except it's still really red. I'm going to try to get one of those kits that removes the color, because meh, I'm over it. I miss my natural pretty dark brown.
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I watched a MV from 183 Club yesterday, and it's seriously the funniest thing ever! It looks like an old school Ricky Martin video! Granted, I still loved it, 因為 (because)... well... hot boys. I'm predictable.

Amusingly, in PTtF, there's a character named Da Wei, and for a long time, the english subs were calling him David. It confused me, because usually when someone has an english name, the CHINESE SUBS just write the name in English, but they were writing it in Chinese, and I recognized it (I know one of the characters in his name, 大偉). And then, about 15 episodes in, they start calling him Da Wei. So whatever. This subbing place is weird when it comes to names. I hate it when they try to anglocize names, or translate them literally (Xiao Feng would become "Small Wind", Qing Mei would be "Beautiful Stone", etc).

I started downloading Bull Fighting last night. I don't know if I'll watch it next, since it's not fully finished being subbed, and I also have Goong to watch, but I like having options.

No spoilers as of yet for PTtF!! I'm almost done with it now! I'm on ep 20/30. I ACCIDENTALLY read a little of what happens in PTtF on wiki (stupid wiki!!), but it doesn't count, since I didn't go looking for them!

EDIT: OH NOESSS!!! PTtF ep 23 previews!! How can you DO this to me! I have to do schoolwork, damn it, I can't watch you all night!! MEH!!!
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I make the best pseudo chinese food!

Part of one of my fillings popped out the other day for no reason. Now it kinda hurts. God knows when I'm going to be able to go to the dentist now. Stupid work.

So far, Prince Turns into Frog is the oddest Taiwanese drama I've seen. There are no motorcycles, and it totally doesn't take place in Taipei, which confounds me. Everything else takes place in Taipei... But there has already been drinking/getting drunk, so at least my view on twdramas hasn't been totally skewed. Also, the sterotypical rich boy/poor girl thing is there. The only drama I've watched where there wasn't a rich boy/poor girl was Love Contract. But it contained motorcycles, Taipei, and drinking, so all is well with the world.

For reference, what I'm refering to is my list of things that always occur in Taiwanese dramas;
1. Drinking/getting drunk (almost always the female lead)
2. Motorcycles
3. The setting is Taipei
4. Bad boy/good girl
5. Rich boy/poor girl
6. Set in College (a lot of dramas are based on Japanese mangas, which are usually set in high school. The Taiwanese always set them in college instead)

So yeah. Some contain all six of them (... Meteor Garden). Some contain fewer (Love Contract had the fewest, with only four of the six), but there's always at least four of them. And so far, every single twdrama I've seen has had drinking. They're ALWAYS drinking. Usually beer. Usually Heineken.

Now I miss Love Contract... stupid love contract and it's awesome story but sad sucky ending... and Mike He. God I love Mike He.

I'm also still pissed at Meteor Garden 2. I kinda want to watch it because of Zai Zai though.
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I'm not desperate yet, but I AM craving spoilers. I sooo want to watch the last episode of Prince Turns to Frog... or at least read some summaries, but I promised myself I wouldn't, and damn it, I'm sticking to it!

Prince Turns to Frog is super super cute! I'm not as frantic about it as I was with Wish to See You Again, but I chalk that up to two factors; exhaustion, and PTtF doesn't have Zai Zai in it (though Ming Dao is plenty hot!).

I also have such a girl crush on Joe Chen! She's super super cute, and I just loved her in Fated to Love You, and I love her in PTtF! I want to be her! She's so pretty! I also want to be Michelle Chen, Ariel Lin, Barbie Xu, and Rainie Yang. And Terri Kwan, because she's just beautiful. As much as I so want to be a Taiwanese actress (more than I want to be an american actress), I would totally settle for being the token white girl. Seriously. As much as I've given up on the whole acting dream, it's still there. It never really goes away. It's what I've wanted to do my entire life. There was an article in the Boston Globe awhile back about a girl from Newton (town nearby) who became an actress in China (mainland). That would be awesome to do. Except, you know, Taiwan.... not mainland.

Oh, randomly speaking of mainland, I really want to go to Shanghai. It looks amazingly awesome and beautiful.

My mandarin is coming along... Random: Xiao and Qiao are pronounced pretty similarly. Obviously they have different sounds ("sh" vs "ch"), but when said fast they sound almost the same.

Also random: when I don't eat with chopsticks, I feel sad. I'm so used to them now. I think I hold mine in a weird american way, because all the Taiwanese hold theirs differently. Obviously I did not learn the Chinese method... though watching videos now, the Chinese method seems easier to do that what I'm currently doing. Granted, all my chopsticks are japanese style, which makes them shorter and more tapered... and harder to hold in the chinese style.

I want to find a good Chinese store. They have them in Boston, but meh, Boston.

EDIT: Random F4/JVKV related squee; OMG SQUEEEEEE!!! And I'm done. For now.
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Random ass note on Prince Turns to Frog

What's with the weird hair dying going on here?! Joe Chen has blonde streaks (they're actually pretty well done! They're true blond, not orange), and one of the other female characters has a HORRID dye job. It looks like it was bleached (it's kinda orangey, the equivalent of blonde on really dark hair), which is fine, since the orange/brown color is actually kinda nice, but then she has really bad roots, like not just an inch or so, which is in style, and forgivable, but like, 3 or 4 inches of dark hair, and then bleached hair. It's weird looking.

I also learned the correct pronounciation of 小 verses 宵. Oddly enough, 小 is a third tone word, but whenever I hear it pronounced it sounds like a first tone word... And 宵, which I thought was a third tone, is actually a first tone. It's confusing.

Oh! I watched Bones last night. And I was TOTALLY unused to watching white people on TV. They kinda looked strange to me, like too elongated. And hearing english on tv is always weird. I watch so much asian tv, that Mandarin seems normal to me now.
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So I "finished" Wish to See You Again (not actually finished it, only finished the subbed parts. Now I have to wait for the rest of the subs to come out). I'm actually pretty damn satisfied with the drama. It's a lovely story that deal with friendship and loss, and well as the romance factor. The acting is great, and it's just a sweet, sweet story.

I started Prince Turns to Frog last night. I wasn't immediately impressed, but I chalk that up to just having watched WtSYA, which was produced VERY nicely. Seriously, little to no background noise at all. The newer shows (like, the past year) are of wicked better quality than shows from even three years ago. It's weird. Anyway, PTtF is from 2005 (I think) so it's not as pretty, but whatev, I'll like it anyway.

It's funny though, because Ming Dao reminds me a lot of Ethan Ruan.... and they're both in series with Joe Chen.

Today I have a half day at work. I have to go for my eye appointment today, to see if I can get the lasik.

Oh, and apparently I forgot to mention that I'm getting chemical peels. I got my first one yesterday. It was mild, and barely stung. And while there isn't a HUGE DRASTIC change (as apparently everyone was expecting but me), it did work pretty well. My skin is a ton smoother, and looks better. I go for my next one in two weeks.

I took my meds last night, and while I didn't even take the full dose (I'm on really high doses of meds... apparently I don't respond well to low doses), I'm still weirdly wired... like I'm on drugs (which I am, but you get my point). I think my pupils are dialated. People are going to think I'm hopped up on something (again, I am, but you get the point).

Randomly, while I'm watching dramas, I'll catch something they say, and have to look it up immediately. Mmmm hanzi.


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