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I decided to follow the rest of my peeps, and do my top 12 drama boyfriend list.

In response to [livejournal.com profile] cranberrysheep's Drama Boyfriend Playoffs, I listed my top 12 (well, technically it was 13, but who's counting) ideal drama boyfriends. And then [livejournal.com profile] ambergold and [livejournal.com profile] princess_dexter made more detailed posts, and well, I decided to as well!

And because I wanted pictures (and since a lot of my choices are from dramas I watched ages ago, when I didn't know how to screencap) I didn't have any ready to use caps, so I spent awhile going through my big ol' folder of drama discs. But this also meant I spent awhile rewatching my favorite parts of various dramas. But I'll get to that later.

Amusingly about half are from twdramas. Apparently I still love me some Taiwanese men after all ;P. Oddly, a lot of my choices are from unpopular dramas as well. And I totally have actor repeat offenders (three of them, actually!)

Anyway, list! (Note, the frst 5 aren't really in any concrete order. I love them all too much to choose between them)
Top 12 drama boyfriends )
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So, the second part of my favorites list, my top 5 twdramas. I only did 5 twdramas, because while I have started a huge amount of twdramas, I've only finished about half of them.

Twdramas tend to be my favorite on a whole, but their length makes it hard for me to watch them. Like, Fated to Love You was freaking THIRTY SIX HOURS LONG. 36!!!

But that's another issue entirely.

Top 5 twdramas )
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You have no idea how badly I want one of these "F4 endoresment dolls"!

They look kinda generic though. Vanness' looks relatively like him, but the others are strange looking. STILL, I want them.

Course I'm several months too late (Damn you Taiwan tourism board for not making your Wish To See You Again special last longer! *shakes fist*)... I totally want the passport holder too. God, I'm just a easy target for merchandisers.
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You know, a long time ago I said this about Wish To See You Again;

"This show is like "The top 10 places to visit in Taiwan"! I mean, they go to the huge ferris wheel mall (Miramar Entertainment Park...) all the time, the 101 is prominently featured in the show, they went to Alishan, Kaoshiung, Taroko gorge, the National Palace Museum, and now Sun Moon Lake. I'm surprised they haven't gone to Kenting, or one of the islands yet!"

And what do you know, I was right. WtSYA was sponsored by the Taiwan Tourism Bureau! I knew it! There were just too many random lingering shots of the scenery...

And, of course, I'm too late to take advantage of their travel package. *sigh*

Holy shit Taiwan, how much do I love you. They have tour routes that follow dramas/movies! Including one for Prince Turns to Frog!

In case you couldn't tell, I'm trying to find a tour package to Taiwan. I know I could just go, and figure things out. But I'm tired. And I want a tour, damn it.
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Several exciting things happened today!

First off, it's GORGEOUS outside. Winter may finally be going away! (Course it was beautiful like this last weekend, and then it snowed...)

Second, I won third place in an icon challenge!!

I was up against some REALLY stiff competition (and of course, I totally forgot to vote this round...), so I'm insanely happy!
(Btw, that Jiro icon; I used one of my original scans from the Love You More and More CD. In all honesty, that icon took me 2 hours to make (I'm SOOO slow!). I experimented with all sorts of layers, selective coloring, brushes and whatnot. I'm so happy it came out well!)

Third, thanks to [livejournal.com profile] isabonita, I am now aware that Jolin Tsai has a new CD coming out soon. Her first single sounds great, and the MV is amazing. I love Jolin so much, it's funny to think that awhile ago I didn't think so much of her. She's really talented, and really smart. Plus, she's gorgeous! If I didn't love her so much, I'd hate her.

Lastly, I got my newest Fahrenheit CD; Fahrenheit (Final Collectible Edition) (CD+DVD). It's awesome, and I love it to death. I have yet to watch the MVs, but I'm sure they'll be fantastic.

And finally, my picspam for the stuff I got from YesAsia yesterday. (I do this mostly for myself. Also, because when I buy stuff, I like to see EXACTLY what I'm getting. So if anyone was thinking of buying the same stuff, they'd be able to see everything)

Wish to See You Again OST )

Big Bang Remember Album )

So yay! Excitement!
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I got my latest package from YesAsia today. It's my Wish to See You Again OST, and the Big Bang Remember album.

I took a ton of pictures, but I'm tired, so no posting tonight.

But let me just say; TOTAL AWESOMENESS. Korean albums are wicked cool. And the OST is great, and came with MVs.

I should be getting my second Fahrenheit album next. Whenever that happens.

Also, I think I have found a new obsession. I'm not sure yet, so I'll hold off on broadcasting it. And I think I'm going to totally screw myself up by starting yet another drama... *sigh* I'm powerless against them, I swear!

Everyone posting about Meteor Shower (aka Chinese HYD) is making me weird excited for it. I'd watch it solely for the fact that it's another version of HYD that's in Mandarin. I love me some Mandarin.

Random bonus!
My favorite song off the WtSYA soundtrack for you to download!
慢慢的走 (Take it Slow) by 2女
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I worry this is going to be a weekly thing...

My most recent purchases from YesAsia )

Sometimes I wish I was more into Japanese stuff. I do watch a lot of jdramas, but I'm kinda clueless about their pop culture. Taiwan is my boom. It's too bad, Japan has some nice merchandise. China/Taiwan falls short in that aspect.

And um, how did I miss Seung Ri on Perez Hilton!? I read Perez religiously! Granted, I wasn't into Big Bang at the time, but I remember all the other Kpop stuff he posted about (which is how I first came to know, and love Lee Hyori). Don't read the comments, btw (I NEVER do). They're stupid, and racist.

I got to stay at home today because of the marathon work session yesterday. I AM going into work on Sunday though. That's not terrible; I don't mind working on weekends, it's quiet. Plus, I'm going to see if I can get to Chinatown. I want to see if I can get some drama DVDs cheap (I once got Why Why Love, and They Kiss Again DVDs for like, $20). Boston's Chinatown is kinda creepy though. Whenever I go there, I get accosted by dudes (not Asian dudes though). Therefore I'm generally wary there.
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Wish to See You Again ep 15 )

So yeah. This was a pretty depressing episode! But since it's the second to last one, that's to be expected. Plus, I know it ends happily, so yeah.

Wish to See You Again ep 16 (final) )

And it's done. And I'm sad. I really REALLY love this series. SO MUCH. It's definitely one of my all time favorites. I know I tend to say everything is my favorite, but this one really is (along with Hachimitsu to Clover, Coffee Prince, and Love Contract). I wish the drama would have explored Xiao Ma and Lu Yi's relationship, post leg amputation. I also wish Ah Hao and Xiao Zhen would have met again, and tried to have their relationship work. But overall I'm quite satisfied. It was a great, grown up sort of drama. And I loved all the actors in it (it was an F4 drama, how could I NOT?!). So yeah. Happiness!

Drama/Anime/Manga List update 29Dec08 )

I've been waiting for MONTHS to cross off WtSYA... finally!
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episode 13 )

Way to break me heart into a thousand pieces Wish to See You Again! As if torturing me with your perfect quartet of hot awesome guys (F3 + Chuan Yi!) wasn't enough!

episode 14 )

Way to break my heart EVEN MORE WtSYA... Poor poor poor Xiao Ma! I'm getting flashbacks to Love Contract. Poor Xiao Bai!

I love Zai Zai in this drama so so so much, and I love his storyline. But now I'm getting more sucked into Chuan Yi's storyline. Chuan Yi is a pretty good actor, but you'd never see it, as he's always relegated into the good-guy-who-doesn't-get-the-girl role. I still love him though!

*sigh* This is why I put off watching the last two episodes... now I have to wait. And it's getting soooo close to the end too. SO CLOSE. Granted, I already fully know what happens, but still! It's hard to wait. I'm waiting for the next episode of Skip Beat too! *sigh*
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Jeez, after a bit of a wait, Eternal Fansubs is really cranking out the WTSYA subs! I haven't even finished episode 13 yet, and 14 is out already! Yays!

I've been a little more focused on other things recently (books, anime, manga) so I've neglected dramas... I'm sure that will change eventually. Probably this weekend, since I have the time. I still have to finish Hotaru no Hikari and Corner with Love. I'm almost done with Love Com though!

If you celebrate, Happy Thanksgiving! I'll be enjoying my soy turkey!


Nov. 17th, 2008 11:29 pm
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Short stuff on WtSYA... I'm only going to watch the first 15 minutes, because the damn thing is long, and I'm wicked tired.

I'm totally alternating between calling Xiao Tian; Ah Ken (his "real" (english) name), and Ah Hao (his character's name)...

And holy shit, what is it with guys not understanding that WE DON'T CARE if your apartment is crappy, or if you make too little money. Seriously?! All we care about is that we're able to be with the person we love! Poor Zhen Zhen!

*Sigh* Dear God, Zai Zai is so freaking amazing. I want to keep him.
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Wish to See You Again, episode 12 )

End stream of conciousness! GOD I love this series.

HEY! At the end of the episode, there was an ad for Honey and Clover (taiwanese edition)... and weirdly enough, I knew it was Honey and Clover from one single still shot... I recognized the Mayama character's trench coat! I like how in the taiwanese version, they make the Mayama character (Den Zhen Shan) the more central character, instead of the Takemoto character (An Zhu Ben). I think it's because Joe Cheng is the most popular, so they naturally top billed him.

(Random ass note, the guy who plays Ren Sen Tian (Morita-san) in Honey and Clover, was totally in Scent of Love!)

I have notes for Ying Ye 3+1 ep 2 as well, but they're not ready for release yet. I wish I could watch more, alas, I must sleep. Mondays are rough on my drama schedule. I watch The Sarah Connor Chronicles, and True Blood, so I don't get much drama action.
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I'm all excited about dramas again (after being in drama stasis for awhile)!! The credit goes to three things;
1. [livejournal.com profile] ambergold let me know last night that Wish to See You Again ep 12 has been subbed!!!! I'm DYING. I couldn't watch it last night (I had to go to sleep, it was 2am!), but I will tonight! It's all very exciting! (Thus the multitude of exclaimation marks!)
2. Cat Street is way better than I imagined it would be. I love Taiwanese dramas, but in some ways, jdramas ARE better. Plus, it's a REALLY good story.
3. Ying Ye 3+1 is so freaking awesome. I've only watched the first episode, but man, do I love it. It's not necessarily the BEST drama ever, but it's definitely one of my favorites. I really like Qiao En and Ming Dao. And their chemistry is just off the charts amazing. I like how they're really good friends in real life too!

So, overall, everything is very exciting right now! (At least drama wise!)

Drama/Anime/Manga List update 29Sep08 )

Added one more jdrama, updated the status of some, and added the manga category.
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I'm not desperate yet, but I AM craving spoilers. I sooo want to watch the last episode of Prince Turns to Frog... or at least read some summaries, but I promised myself I wouldn't, and damn it, I'm sticking to it!

Prince Turns to Frog is super super cute! I'm not as frantic about it as I was with Wish to See You Again, but I chalk that up to two factors; exhaustion, and PTtF doesn't have Zai Zai in it (though Ming Dao is plenty hot!).

I also have such a girl crush on Joe Chen! She's super super cute, and I just loved her in Fated to Love You, and I love her in PTtF! I want to be her! She's so pretty! I also want to be Michelle Chen, Ariel Lin, Barbie Xu, and Rainie Yang. And Terri Kwan, because she's just beautiful. As much as I so want to be a Taiwanese actress (more than I want to be an american actress), I would totally settle for being the token white girl. Seriously. As much as I've given up on the whole acting dream, it's still there. It never really goes away. It's what I've wanted to do my entire life. There was an article in the Boston Globe awhile back about a girl from Newton (town nearby) who became an actress in China (mainland). That would be awesome to do. Except, you know, Taiwan.... not mainland.

Oh, randomly speaking of mainland, I really want to go to Shanghai. It looks amazingly awesome and beautiful.

My mandarin is coming along... Random: Xiao and Qiao are pronounced pretty similarly. Obviously they have different sounds ("sh" vs "ch"), but when said fast they sound almost the same.

Also random: when I don't eat with chopsticks, I feel sad. I'm so used to them now. I think I hold mine in a weird american way, because all the Taiwanese hold theirs differently. Obviously I did not learn the Chinese method... though watching videos now, the Chinese method seems easier to do that what I'm currently doing. Granted, all my chopsticks are japanese style, which makes them shorter and more tapered... and harder to hold in the chinese style.

I want to find a good Chinese store. They have them in Boston, but meh, Boston.

EDIT: Random F4/JVKV related squee; OMG SQUEEEEEE!!! And I'm done. For now.
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So I "finished" Wish to See You Again (not actually finished it, only finished the subbed parts. Now I have to wait for the rest of the subs to come out). I'm actually pretty damn satisfied with the drama. It's a lovely story that deal with friendship and loss, and well as the romance factor. The acting is great, and it's just a sweet, sweet story.

I started Prince Turns to Frog last night. I wasn't immediately impressed, but I chalk that up to just having watched WtSYA, which was produced VERY nicely. Seriously, little to no background noise at all. The newer shows (like, the past year) are of wicked better quality than shows from even three years ago. It's weird. Anyway, PTtF is from 2005 (I think) so it's not as pretty, but whatev, I'll like it anyway.

It's funny though, because Ming Dao reminds me a lot of Ethan Ruan.... and they're both in series with Joe Chen.

Today I have a half day at work. I have to go for my eye appointment today, to see if I can get the lasik.

Oh, and apparently I forgot to mention that I'm getting chemical peels. I got my first one yesterday. It was mild, and barely stung. And while there isn't a HUGE DRASTIC change (as apparently everyone was expecting but me), it did work pretty well. My skin is a ton smoother, and looks better. I go for my next one in two weeks.

I took my meds last night, and while I didn't even take the full dose (I'm on really high doses of meds... apparently I don't respond well to low doses), I'm still weirdly wired... like I'm on drugs (which I am, but you get my point). I think my pupils are dialated. People are going to think I'm hopped up on something (again, I am, but you get the point).

Randomly, while I'm watching dramas, I'll catch something they say, and have to look it up immediately. Mmmm hanzi.
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It's really wicked hard to find Taiwanese drama icons. Seriously. HARD. Taiwanese dramas/entertainment isn't as popular in America as Japanese entertainment is, so it kinda gets neglected. I'm actually surprised I've been able to find as many subbed dramas as I have, since Taiwanese drama seems to take a back seat to Japanese.

ANYWAY, new icons!! My current one is Zai Zai (仔仔 / zai zai), whom I ADORE! He's (他 / ta) so (所以 / suo yi) great (好 / hao? Doesn't seem like I should use it as such...) and cute (可愛了 ke ai le) in WtSYA. (I'm going to randomly be writing stuff in Chinese for awhile. I want to be able to recognize more characters. Sorry if it's annoying...)

WtSYA is great! I adore Zai Zai's (我愛仔仔 / wo ai zai zai) character a ton. I also love Kingone (我愛王傳一也了 / wo ai Wang Chuan Yi ye le) in it. He's (他 / ta) totally playing against type, which amuses me (我 / wo) greatly. Ken's (朱孝天 / Zhu Xiao Tian) character is cute (可愛 / ke ai) too, but he (他 / ta) hasn't been around much lately, so (所以 / suo yi) I (我 / wo) don't have as great of an opinion.

My understanding of Mandarin has really gotten a lot better recently. I can't (我不可 / wo bu ke) really put sentences together yet, BUT (但是 / dan shi) I can (我可 / wo ke) understand (懂 / dong) a lot more (更 / geng) words, and I can (我可 / wo ke) pronounce them pretty well.


Drama/Anime List update 02Sep08 )

Random Mandarin stuff I want to remember;

吧 - ba -> polite suggestion particle
了 - le -> particle intensifying preceding clause
嗎 - ma -> question particle
沒有 - mei you -> haven't
甚麼 - shen me -> what
因為 - yin wei - > because
油 - you -> second part of ("jia you")
乾杯 - gan bei -> cheers
我不知道 - wo bu zhī dào -> I don't know
是 - shì -> yes
不 - bu -> no
不過 - bù guò -> but, however, only, etc
為什麼 / 為甚麼 - wèi shén me -> why, for what reason
總經理 - zǒng jīng lǐ -> GM
海豚 - hǎi tún -> dolphin
相信 - xiāng xìn -> believe
小姐 - xiǎo jie -> miss (young lady)
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OMG! I forgot to mention! In Fated to Love You, one of the characters gets a nosebleed! So cute!!!!

And they just referenced The Devil Wears Prada in WtSYA!! So cute! I love it when they reference Western things in Asian dramas (because I can understand the reference)!!
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I've recently been having and interesting experience.

Basically I've been learning Mandarin though various sources, but mostly the dramas. But a lot of times I memorize or remember words/phrases in Mandarin, but forget what they mean in english. But at various times I'll randomly mumble them in a situation that seems appropriate.... It's odd.

Also, I FINALLY found the characters for "okay"/"alright"... it took me forever, for some reason. 好了 (hǎo le, it's kinda pronounced like "holla", except with tones... so it's hard to describe accurately). 了 is actually a particle, like 嗎. Yay for random Mandarin grammar learnings!

I'm close to the end of Fated to Love You (I just finished ep 19/24... so I have eps 20 and 21 downloaded, and I can get the rest off youtube). But, luckily, I started (and finished...) downloading Wish to See You Again, so now I have all the raws, and 11/16 of the subs for them.

I'm also still downloading MG2, because I WILL eventually watch it. I'm still angry at it now though. Maybe after Wish to See You Again, when I'll want to see another Zai Zai drama.

Though I've had difficulties finding some dramas, I've never come across one I wan't able to get in some form. I think the hardest was/is Goong, since it won't freaking download! I've been downloading it for like, several weeks now, and it's STILL at 95.7%! I could always buy it, but meh. Maybe I can find the missing pieces from youtube or something. Meteor Garden 1 was also difficult to find. And I can't, for the life of me, find Marmalade Boy in decent quality (the one I have is HORRIBLE). ANNNNNND I'm exhausted. Seriously exhausted. I'm going to sleep now!


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